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Will Morrison
Founder and CEO


           At Morrison Properties we are committed to provide our clients with impeccable  commercial real estae service and advice relative to the Retail, Healthcare, and Multi-Family sectors.  Rooted in our Scottish heritage we pride ourselves on delivering realtime market knowledge so our clients can capitalize on our insights. 

            Our goal is to provide you and/or your fim with the right tools to make the right decisions. As your company's strategic plans evolve along with the market, have a partner who is forward thinking and can navigate the terrain.

         Our analyst are focused on providing the market analysis tailored to your properties and you future locations. In addition to market analysis we can deliver financial analysis to compare your companies investments and see if they are getting you to your desired goals. 

       Serving Investors and national tenants in site selection we know how critical it is to have good information and deliver detailed analysis of markets and property features alike.  



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